Chesneys Gas Stoves



We have people coming into the showroom all the time asking for GAS FIRES that look like wood burning stoves, and we are pleased to say we have a wide range to suit every budget. However, the one GAS STOVE that seems to excite everyone who sees it is the one from CHESNEYS LONDON.

The exclamations of surprise and disbelief everytime potential customers are told that this is actually a GAS STOVE, NOT A WOOD BURNING STOVE, are quite comical and satisfying to hear as they reaffirm what we already know: THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT!!


Not just in its appearance, although it is stunningly beautiful to look at, and will add that touch of character and luxury to any room,  but more importantly, in its efficiency to produce heat, hence creating that welcoming ambience of a cosy home. The fact that it is fully remote-controlled makes it even  easier and convenient to use; you really don't have to leave your armchair!!



The stoves are available in two sizes, large and standard.  The Beaumont design shown above comes in two colours, Parchment and Black, while the Salisbury design shown below comes only in Black.


Like all Chesneys products, the Gas Stove is made to the highest standards, and has been rigidly tested to meet all the safety regulations. The flames are perfectly engineered to emulate the flame pattern of a real fire on a fuel bed of individually hand   painted  logs,  producing a deep life-like glow. 


So, if it's a gas stove that you're after, THIS IS THE ONE.  Customers often come in looking for a traditional gas fire, but soon change their minds when they see this stove. It's available in a conventional flue only at the moment, but there will be a balanced flue version out soon. 

You need to view it on live display in our showroom to fully appreciate it!!